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Invest in growth-stage enterprises in the majority world

We invest in entrepreneurs and businesses that have values-driven missions, create jobs for the most needy, and produce a measurable social impact.

Mission Driven, People Centric

2 billion people live on less than $3 per day. We invest in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that are helping the most needy rise out of poverty.

Passive Investment



Investments that do no harm and focus on securing investment pools that do not invest in tobacco, alcohol, pornography etc.  These funds express some level of concern for society but do not necessary promote a social impact.  



These investments may produce slightly below market rates because they support and do not jeopardize the furtherance of the private foundation’s charitable purposes.  The focus is primarily on return, low risk and liquidity with some alignment with the foundation’s charitable purpose.  Investments are usually in larger companies or mutual funds that have some social impact but the social impact is not the primary purpose of the investment, financial return is still the major purpose.  Little monitoring by the Foundation is done of the investment for either business or social impact.



These are now allowable under private foundation rules for investments, the primary purpose of which is to accomplish one or more of the purposes described in section 170(c)(2)(B), and no significant purpose of which is the production of income or the appreciation of property.  Focus is on the charitable purpose of the investment, and though return is important, it is secondary to the charitable purpose of the business or businesses.  Charitable impact does not need to be measured and reported, just recognized.

Active Investment Options 


A mutual fund of investments in several different businesses where the stability and success of the underlying businesses along with charitable purpose is the primary objective.  Return is expected but is secondary to the social impact.  Each business involved will have a significant charitable purpose that is being addressed, measured and reported.



The donor has established a Donor Advised Fund and has identified a business that is dedicated to charitable purposes in which he or she would like to invest.  The Foundation does due diligence on the business and confirms that the charitable purposes are in alignment with one or more of the Foundation’s eight charitable purposes and then directs money from the Donor Advised Fund to the business as either a loan, charitable gift or an equity investment. 



Business/Ministry Partnerships pair a successful ministry with a new or existing business opportunity by making investment capital available to the business, usually from a third-party funding source, that shares the ministry’s primary charitable purpose.  As an investor in the business, the third-party investor can require that the business adopt a new purpose to help or facilitate the ministry objectives in some significant way. 

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